News - 10 apps for eco living

10 apps for eco living

It seems as though there's an app for everything these days – from doing the banking and keeping track of our household budget, to how many steps we've walked and how much weight we've lost. There are even apps for the eco-warriors among us to help us live greener and more sustainable lives. Earth Hour is coming up in a couple of weeks, so now seemed like the perfect time to look at what's out there to help us save the planet from the comfort of our smart phones.   earth-hour-logo-plant-bg  

1.   Earth Hour Candle App

Let's start off with the big one: the official Earth Hour app. This year, Earth Hour is urging you to think beyond an hour's worth of minimal electricity usage by making ongoing pledges that will be read by like-minded people across the world.

2.   Joulebug

The Joulebug app makes sustainable living into a game. You can compete with your friends by gaining as many points as possible for everyday sustainable tasks. Every tiny thing we do during our day has the potential to have a negative impact on the Earth. Joulebug rewards you for living sustainably and reducing this carbon footprint. Whether it be using a reusable mug for your morning coffee, taking public transport, taking a shorter shower or using renewable energy sources.


3.   TreeHugger

As the official app for website, the TreeHugger app provides you with news, podcasts, solutions and product information that focuses on sustainability and green living.

4.   ICarbonCalc

Using graphs and other aids, iCarbonCalc helps you calculate your carbon footprint and come up with goals for reducing the negative impact you're having on the environment.

5.   Green Shine

Cleaning your house with chemicals is not really the best thing for either you or the environment. Green Shine has a list of cleaning solutions made of environmentally friendly ingredients that you'll be able to find on your supermarket shelves.


6.   Shop Ethical!

A must-have for any consumer, this app gives you the low-down on the companies behind common supermarket products and their environmental ethics. With access to more than 4000 products and the companies behind them, this app makes it easier for consumers to make ethical and environmentally-friendly choices every time they shop.

7.   Sustainable Seafood Guide

This is the ultimate app for seafood-lovers. It gives users all the info they need to make ocean-friendly choices. Designed in response to increased public concern about over-fishing and the huge impacts on our wildlife, this app aims to help consumers take action towards a healthier ocean.

8.   Go Green

This app gives you a green tip every time you open it. The more green tips you receive, the higher your green status.

9.   IEA Key World Energy Statistics

The International Energy Agency is a trusted source for global energy statistics. This app gives you access to statistics on more than 130 countries and regions including energy indicators, energy balances, prices and CO2 emissions, as well as energy forecasts.

10. CarbonTrack

This app allows you to measure and monitor the environmental impact of your business activities, from getting to work, energy used by office equipment and greenhouse gas emissions caused by office waste. The measurements give a rough guide, and can help people understand the impact their daily activities have on the environment.

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