News - 10 benefits of having a life coach

10 benefits of having a life coach

Modern life can be stressful and feel like a juggling act. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone there to help guide you through managing your life goals and navigating challenges? Introducing, the life coach …  

What exactly is a life coach?

A life coach is essentially someone who can help you manage your life and the various challenges you encounter along the way. Whether you want to completely restructure your life, set some challenging and specific goals for yourself, or simply would like someone to give you some clarity on everyday issues, a life coach can be an invaluable source of support and knowledge.   Here are just ten ways you could benefit from sessions with a life coach:

1.   Objective support

While friends and family can be incredible source of support through tough times, sometimes we need an outsider to give us unwavering, judgement-free support.


2.   Clarity on past and present issues

Life coaches have professional training in many methods that help people like yourself look at issues differently so they can solve problems more effectively.

Using the various skills the life coach has taught you, you can discover new insights into problems, and gain a new view on how events affect you and everyone around you.

3.   Fresh perspective on issues

Because a life coach is generally someone who doesn’t know anything about your past, present or future, they can shed brand new light on issues you are encountering. While friends and family may provide perspective also, their views can be affected by their expectations of you.

A life coach also provides a more “professional” opinion on the issue at hand, and can teach you the skills you need to tackle it.


4.   Learn how to set goals

We all have goals in life – start our own business, lose weight and get fit, pay off the mortgage, climb a mountain – but have you actually clarified them and set a clear plan in place to achieve them?

A life coach can help you sort out the vague list of life goals you have in your mind into short term and long term goals, and give you the knowledge you need to set smart and realistic goals.

5.   Get motivated to achieve goals

But what good is setting goals if you aren’t actually going to set out to achieve them? That’s another thing a life coach can help you with – once you’ve set some goals, they can help you lay out your options and give you pointers on how you can make positive steps towards your goals.

6.   Be held accountable

It’s one thing to tell a friend or family member that you will write a novel, or run a marathon, but they are unlikely to keep you accountable to these goals – they have their own things they are working on. A life coach is able to keep a track record of all the goals you have set, as well as the steps you have planned to make to achieve them, so they can keep you accountable and on track.


7.   Confidentiality

A life coach is a completely objective third party who is also bound to maintain confidentiality between themselves and their clients – this can be very freeing for you, as you know anything discussed with the life coach never leaves the safe space.

8.   Face challenges and fears

Fear can hold us back from achieving many things in our life – sometimes without us even realising it. A life coach can bring a discussion about these fears out into the open, and give you the encouragement you need to face challenges head on.

Once these issues are addressed, the confidence gained from tackling a fear or challenge can give you higher self-belief across many parts of your life.

9.   Bring back mindfulness

It may be a very simple concept, but so many of us leave mindfulness out of our everyday lives. A life coach can help bring this back to the forefront of your mind and give you tips to incorporate mindfulness into many different parts of your life, giving you a more focussed approach in general.

10. Stress and anxiety management

Whether you suffer from chronic anxiety and stress, or just feel occasionally overwhelmed, everyone can benefit from a little coaching in managing these two problems.

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