News - Add a room to your home instantly with a backyard pod!
Perfect for a kid's retreat, home office or yoga studio, the backyard pod could be the ideal solution for your family. Image courtesy of Harwyn.
Perfect for a kid's retreat, home office or yoga studio, the backyard pod could be the ideal solution for your family. Image courtesy of Harwyn.

Add a room to your home instantly with a backyard pod!

Do you dream about having your own space? An area of retreat away from the main house that could be your home office, yoga studio, man cave, woman cave or just a quiet zone?

What if you could create a new space without the hassle and financial burden of a full home extension. Interested? The answer is a backyard pod, and it could be the solution that ticks all your boxes.

When a renovation to add one room can cost upwards of $46,000, backyard pods are an adaptive way to bring more flexibility into your home without the expense.

Pods are often an open plan room but can be customised to include a kitchen and bathroom. Whether it's creating a home office, the ultimate glamping zone for kid's sleepovers, or just a quiet 'parent only' zone, the choices are endless.

According to Jason Fremder, Managing Director at Harwyn, now is the perfect time to consider a backyard pod.

"Backyard pods have been steadily gaining popularity over the last few years. With the pandemic however, these versatile rooms have been propelled from a niche offering to a 'must-have' for those working from home, freelancing or just in need of more at-home entertainment space for the family," says Jason.

"A backyard pod offers a quiet workspace which is removed from the house, providing the perfect separation between home and office, and a sanctuary to work within efficiently," continues Jason.

We investigate this innovative backyard solution and see how it could be the answer you've been searching for.

Backyard pod essentials

With the smallest size available just under five square metres, you don't need too much room to get started.

Pods can come pre-made or built to order, but either way have a small lead time, from one week for prefab to 12 weeks for custom choices. Which means you could be set up and ready to go in little more than a week, pending council approvals.

Depending on the type of customisation to your pod, you may need council consent. In most states, you can currently build a backyard pod with no council approvals, provided your site meets some minimum requirements. Your pod provider will be able to guide you through the regulations and can let you know if a council permit is required.

Kieran Mitchell, BBus, Chartered Accountant and CFO at Hume Anglican Grammar, is a Sydney father of four, who has owned a backyard office pod by Harwyn since 2014.

"This year, our backyard office pod has been a real lifesaver from a professional perspective. Having been forced to work from home full-time, with four kids in the house – two of whom were remote learning – I needed a very separate space to work."


For the family on the move

Picturing where you might be in five years' time can be difficult. It could be that you're delaying adding space you really need because you are not sure what the future holds. The beauty of a backyard pod is you do not have to know where you'll be, because it can move with you.

Most pods can be relocated, either by dissembling and flat packing, or by uplifting and moving the whole pod intact.

This flexibility makes a backyard pod the solution perfect for renters, or those looking to buy land or move in the future.

Pod: Backyard Pods

Price: Prices start at $4,128, not including doors, windows, delivery and installation

Size: 2.5 x 4 metres

Best Suits: The 'unknown future' family who want the flexibility to move their investment wherever they go.

In for the long term

For those looking for a more permanent structure, or one that will complement the rest of their home, designer choices are available too.

Crafted with the latest trends in mind, these pods are perfect for when aesthetics are important to you. With almost everything customisable, you can seamlessly integrate your pod with the look at feel of your existing home.

A custom pod can also be a great alternative if you have a block of land you are wishing to set up as a holiday home or even rent for short term stays. From one tiny-home style pod, to grouping a few together to create the perfect retreat, pods are a time efficient and cost-effective solution.

Just make sure you check council regulations, as if you are building a holiday home you will need to get council approval.

Pod: Harwyn

Price: Prices start at $29,900

Size: 2.2 metres x 2.2 metres

Best Suits: The family who needs extra space without compromising on style.

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